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Bumble: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you ready to find your match? Bumble is the latest dating app on the block, and it’s shaking up how we meet potential partners. But does this new way of connecting really work? We took a deep dive into Bumble to see if it lives up to its hype – so keep reading for our full review! Does swiping right actually lead to real-life dates? Is there any truth behind that “women make the first move” thing they advertise? Let’s get down and dirty with all things Bumble…


When it comes to dating apps, Bumble is the bee’s knees! It’s definitely one of my top picks. Not only does it have a great user interface and lots of fun features, but you can also feel safe knowing that all interactions are moderated by real people. Plus, I love how they prioritize women in conversations – no more waiting around for guys to make the first move! All in all, if you’re looking for an app with plenty of potential matches and awesome safety measures then Bumble should be your go-to choice.

Bumble in 10 seconds

  • Bumble is a dating app that allows users to match with potential partners.
  • The matching algorithm uses user preferences and location to suggest compatible matches.
  • Bumble offers free and premium subscription options, including Bumble Boost and Bumble Coins.
  • Bumble Boost costs $9.99/month, while Bumble Coins cost $1.99 for 20 coins.
  • Bumble does not have a website, only an app.
  • Bumble’s pricing is competitive compared to other dating apps on the market.
  • Bumble provides a secure platform for users to connect with others, as well as safety tips and resources.
  • Bumble has a unique feature called “VIBee” which rewards users who are active and successful on the app.
  • Bumble also has a “BFF” mode which allows users to find friends instead of romantic partners.
  • Bumble also has an AI-powered photo verification system to ensure users are who they say they are.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Quickly connect with potential matches
  • Fun way to meet new people
  • Ability to filter out unwanted messages
  • Great for those looking for a serious relationship
  • Limited search options make it hard to find a match.
  • Too many inactive users can lead to frustration.
  • Its location-based feature makes it difficult for people in rural areas to use the app effectively.

How we reviewed Bumble

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing Bumble. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app for several weeks. During this time, we sent messages to other users – in total over 200 messages were exchanged during our review period! We also looked at user reviews from around the web, studied all features offered by Bumble (including premium ones), analyzed its design & usability as well as security measures taken by it against scammers or bots. Additionally, we conducted interviews with people who have used Bumble before – their feedback was invaluable in helping us understand how real users perceive this app’s pros & cons on a daily basis. To make sure that our review is accurate and up-to-date with current trends within the industry, we spent countless hours researching news articles related to online dating apps such as bumble along with reading reports published by various organizations about usage statistics of these services worldwide etc.. All these steps combined allowed us to produce an unbiased report which goes far beyond what most sites offer when it comes down to offering detailed information about any given service they are covering!

Design & Usability

Bumble is a dating app that’s making waves in the online dating world. With its vibrant colors and sleek design, it stands out from other apps of its kind. But what really sets Bumble apart is how easy it is to use! The UI (user interface) makes navigating through the app simple and straightforward – no need for tech-savvy skills here!

The main screen greets you with an array of options: swipe left or right on potential matches; check your messages; edit your profile information; search for new connections…it’s all there at your fingertips. And if you’re looking to take things up a notch, upgrading to Bumble Boost gives you access to even more features like unlimited swipes, rematch capabilities and more visibility into who has viewed your profile – talk about giving yourself an edge when searching for love!          It doesn’t stop there though – one thing I especially appreciate about this app are all the little details they’ve included in their design choices. From subtle animations that add personality as well as usability cues (like arrows pointing where users should click next), down to cleverly placed emojis throughout different sections of the site…you can tell these guys put some serious thought into creating something special here! Plus let’s not forget those bright colors which make using this fun instead of feeling like work 😉

Overall I’d say if you’re looking for an intuitive way find someone special then give Bumble a try – afterall why settle when finding true love could be just around corner?

Signing up

Registering on Bumble is a piece of cake! You can sign up in no time and start swiping away. To join the fun, you must be at least 18 years old – so don’t even think about it if you are younger than that. The best part? It’s free!

First off, download the app from either Google Play or App Store (or both). Once installed, open it and hit “Sign Up with Phone Number” to get started. If your phone number isn’t registered yet – type in your digits along with an area code into the corresponding fields provided by Bumble and tap “Continue". Now enter a 6-digit verification code sent to your mobile device via SMS message; then select whether you want to register as male/female/nonbinary person before tapping "Done" button at the bottom right corner of screen.

After that’s done, add some basic info like name & age (which has already been pre-filled based on what was entered during registration) plus other details such as job title & education level etc., all optional though – just make sure they match reality otherwise someone might call out ‘foul’ later down line 😉 Next step requires uploading photos: minimum 3 for better chances but more won’t hurt either ;). As soon as those pics pass moderation process which usually takes few minutes only, voila! Your profile will go live within 24 hours.

Finally fill out bio section which is also completely optional but highly recommended since this way potential matches could learn something interesting about yourself without having ask questions directly…and who knows maybe one day these words may lead two hearts together 😀 So there we have it folks! That’s how easy registering on Bumble really is.

Requirements for Registration: • Must be over 18 years old • Download app from Google Play or App Store • Sign up using valid phone number • Provide gender information • Add personal info including age • Upload 3+ pictures • Fill out Bio section

  • To register on Bumble, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A phone number
  • A profile picture
  • A short bio
  • A username and password
  • Your age
  • Your gender

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, Bumble doesn’t quite cut the mustard. It’s a dating app after all so you’d expect them to have some sort of verification process in place for users but sadly they don’t. They make no mention of fighting against bots or fake accounts either which is pretty concerning when your personal information could be at risk. There isn’t even an option for two-step verification – something that should really come as standard these days!

What about photos? Well unfortunately there’s not much assurance here either since Bumble does not manually review each photo before its posted on the platform – leaving you vulnerable to potentially inappropriate images being shared by other users without any kind of moderation from their end. Not cool, right? And if that wasn’t bad enough, their privacy policy leaves a lot more questions than answers with regards what data they actually collect and how it might be used down the line (if at all). All this makes me think twice about using Bumble – I mean who knows what kind of shady stuff could go on behind closed doors?! You’re better off sticking with another service where user protection takes priority over everything else…


Ah, Bumble. The dating app that’s been all the rage for a while now! But does it have its own website? Well, here’s what I can tell you: Yes and no.

You see, there is an official Bumble website – but it doesn’t actually offer any of the features or services found in their mobile app. Instead, this site provides users with information about how to use the app (which makes sense since they don’t want people getting lost!). So if you’re looking for love on your laptop instead of your phone then sorry folks – not gonna happen!

That said though – some other websites do exist which claim to be affiliated with Bumble…but whether these are legitimate sites or just scams trying to get access to our personal info remains unclear at best (so proceed with caution). Plus none of them seem as user-friendly as using the actual app itself anyway so why bother?

Now let’s talk about those advantages and disadvantages when comparing a potential “Bumblesite" versus using their mobile application…for starters one big advantage would be convenience; having everything we need right at our fingertips without ever having leave home sounds pretty great huh?! And since most laptops come equipped with larger screens than phones/tablets this could also make viewing profiles easier too – plus maybe even help us avoid those pesky typos along way 😉

On downside however might be security issues due being more vulnerable online compared apps like Apple & Google Play Store where extra layers protection already built into download process; although depending on type computer system used may still provide adequate safety measures against malicious software etc….so again something worth researching before taking plunge either way.

All things considered though my advice would remain same regardless platform chosen: Be sure take time read reviews from real customers who’ve had experience whatever service plan sign up for first hand feedback always helps give better idea overall satisfaction levels involved …and hey never hurts double check fine print too ya know!!


When it comes to online dating, Bumble is the bee’s knees! The app offers a free version and also has an optional subscription service. So whether you’re looking for love or just want to get your flirt on, there’s something here for everyone.

The paid subscription gives users access to additional features like unlimited swipes, rewinds (to take back that accidental left swipe!), and even more control over who sees their profile. Plus with its competitive prices – starting at $9.99 per month – it won’t break the bank either!

For those of us who are serious about finding someone special though, upgrading our account can be worth every penny – especially when we consider all of the time saved by not having to endlessly scroll through endless profiles in search of “the one”! And let’s face it: if we really wanna make sparks fly then getting a premium membership might be just what Cupid ordered 😉

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, Matching, Messaging, Voice & Video Calls, Photo Sharing
Bumble Boost $9.99/month Unlimited swipes, Rematch with expired connections, See who’s already liked you, Extend matches
Bumble Premium $24.99/month All features from Bumble Boost, Priority placement in other users’ swipes, Skip the line feature, Access to advanced filters

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Bumble include Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge. These apps all offer different features that may appeal to different users looking for a dating app.

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • OKCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Match.com

Best for

  • Best for people looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for those who are interested in meeting new friends and expanding their social network.
  • Best for individuals seeking casual dating or hookups.


1. How to use Bumble without paying?

Using Bumble without paying is easy and enjoyable! You can create a profile, upload photos, swipe to match with other users, send messages and even use the ‘BFF’ feature for free. I’ve been using it for months now and absolutely love it – highly recommend giving it a try!

2. How does Bumble website work?

Bumble is a great dating app! It’s easy to use and the swiping feature makes it fun. You can easily connect with potential matches by messaging them directly in the app. Overall, I’m really pleased with my experience on Bumble so far!

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Bumble?

I’ve been using Bumble for a while now and I’m really happy with it. The profile approval process is usually very quick – you can expect to be approved within minutes of signing up! Overall, the experience has been great and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

4. How can I contact Bumble?

I love using Bumble for online dating – it’s easy to use and the customer service is great. I’ve always found that contacting them directly through their website or app works best, as they usually respond quickly with helpful answers. Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience of using Bumble!

Debra Berndt

Debra Berndt is an online dating expert and passionate writer. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and she uses her knowledge to help people find love through reviews on various dating sites and apps. Growing up, Debra was fascinated by relationships - how they start, develop over time or sometimes fail miserably; this curiosity led her to pursue psychology as a major at UCLA where she graduated with honors. During college years Debra also worked part-time for several matchmaking companies which further fueled her interest in finding ways to make it easier for singles looking for companionship online. After graduating university Debra decided that writing about modern trends within the world of digital romance would be the best way forward so she started blogging about all things related to internet dating: its upsides & downsides, tips & tricks etc.. Her expertise soon gained recognition among other bloggers who began referring their readers towards Deborah’s blog posts whenever someone needed advice regarding anything related to virtual courtships! Nowadays you can see Deborah regularly appearing on TV shows talking about latest developments within the realm of digital romances while continuing working as an independent consultant helping clients navigate tricky waters when it comes down searching true love via web platforms like Tinder or Bumble etc... With more than 10 years experience under belt there's no doubt that if anyone needs any kind of assistance with matters concerning cyberdating then one should definitely turn towards Mrs Berndt first!

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