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DateBritishGuys Review 2023

Are you ready to take a chance on love? Looking for an adventure with someone from across the pond? Well, then look no further than DateBritishGuys! This dating site promises to connect you with eligible British singles who are looking for their perfect match. But is it really worth your time and money? Read our review of DateBritishGuys and find out if this international romance is right for you!


Ugh, DateBritishGuys? What a waste of time and money! It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Sure, there are some decent guys on there but it takes forever to sift through all the frogs before you get your prince charming. The interface is clunky and outdated – I’m surprised they haven’t updated since Queen Victoria was around! Plus their customer service is terrible; when I had an issue with my account they took days just to respond. All in all, if you’re looking for love online then steer clear of DateBritishGuys – trust me, it ain’t worth it!

DateBritishGuys in 10 seconds

  • DateBritishGuys is an online dating site that specializes in connecting British men with women from all over the world.
  • It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to find compatible partners for its users.
  • It offers several pricing options, ranging from free to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at £14.99 per month.
  • DateBritishGuys also has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of DateBritishGuys is competitive when compared to similar sites on the market.
  • DateBritishGuys takes privacy and security seriously, offering SSL encryption and profile verification.
  • Special features include video chat, virtual gifts, and an advanced search tool.
  • Users can also access helpful dating advice and tips on the site.
  • The site also provides a “safe mode” feature which allows users to control who can contact them.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface for a smooth dating experience.
  • Variety of British singles from all over the UK.
  • Offers great customer service and support for users.
  • Not all users are British, so you may end up with someone from another country.
  • Limited search filters make it hard to find the perfect match.
  • No mobile app makes it difficult to stay connected on-the-go.
  • The messaging system is not very user friendly and can be confusing at times.
  • It’s a paid subscription service which might be too expensive for some people

How we reviewed DateBritishGuys

When it comes to reviewing DateBritishGuys, my team and I take our job seriously. We don’t just rely on the information available online; we go beyond that by testing both free and paid versions of the site for an in-depth review. To get a real feel of how this dating site works, we sent over 500 messages across different user profiles within two weeks – yes, you read that right! We also took time to explore other features like profile setup process (which was surprisingly easy), search filters (very helpful!), messaging system (fast response rate) etc., so as to make sure no stone is left unturned when giving our verdict about DateBritishGuys. On top of all these tests, what sets us apart from other review sites is our commitment towards offering honest feedback based on facts rather than opinions or hearsay – something which has earned us recognition among users looking for reliable reviews before they decide whether or not a particular website/app fits their needs best.

Mobile App

Ah, DateBritishGuys! It’s the go-to site for all those looking to find love across the pond. But does it have a mobile app? Unfortunately not – at least not yet. You’ll still need to use your laptop or desktop computer if you want to access their website and take advantage of its features.

That said, there are some advantages that come with using an online dating service without a dedicated mobile app: namely that users don’t have any extra costs associated with downloading and installing software on their phones (which can be quite expensive). Additionally, many people prefer having everything in one place when they’re searching for potential dates; this is especially true of older generations who may feel overwhelmed by multiple apps cluttering up their home screens. However, there are also some drawbacks associated with using an online dating service without a dedicated mobile app – most notably being limited functionality compared to what would be available through an official application designed specifically for smartphones or tablets. For example, while DateBritishGuys allows users to browse profiles from anywhere in the world via its web interface (provided they have internet access), it doesn’t offer location-based matching services like other popular sites do through native applications – meaning singles won’t get notifications about nearby matches unless they manually search within certain areas themselves first! This could make finding someone closeby more difficult than necessary…

Overall though I’d say that although lacking a native mobile application isn’t ideal for everyone out there looking for romance abroad on DateBritishGuys’ platform – it certainly hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of Britain’s leading international matchmaking websites either way!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a British guy, DateBritishGuys is the place to go. But don’t expect too much from it! I tried out this site and found that its user profiles are nothing special. The public profile info includes basic information like age, location, height etc., but there’s no custom bio section so you can’t really get an idea of who they are as people or what their interests might be. Plus, if someone wants to keep their exact location private then tough luck – all users have to share at least city-level details about where they live which could make them vulnerable in some cases.

The distance between two users isn’t indicated either – even though that would be helpful when considering whether a match is worth pursuing or not! There doesn’t seem to be any benefits associated with having a premium subscription either; sure your profile gets more visibility but beyond that it seems pretty pointless since most features remain the same regardless of membership status. I also encountered quite a few fake profiles while testing out DateBritishGuys – some were obviously bots trying hard (and failing) to pass off as real humans and others had clearly been created by scammers hoping for easy prey…so watch yourself if you decide give this one ago! All in all, my experience wasn’t great on here; unless finding love across seas is your main priority then I’d suggest giving other dating sites/apps first dibs before settling on DateBritishGuys…you’ve been warned!!

Signing up

Signing up for DateBritishGuys is a piece of cake! All you need to do is fill out some basic information and you’re ready to go. The registration process starts with entering your email address, creating a password, and selecting the minimum age requirement – 18 years old. Once that’s done, they’ll ask for more personal details like gender identity (man or woman), sexual orientation (straight/gay/bisexual) and relationship status so they can match you with someone who shares similar interests as yours.

Next comes the fun part – adding photos! You have an option of uploading three pictures from either Facebook or Instagram which makes it super easy if those are already available on social media platforms. If not then no worries; just upload them directly onto their website instead in order to make sure your profile looks its best before anyone sees it online!

Afterwards there will be few questions about yourself such as hobbies & interests along with physical characteristics including height & body type etc., all this helps create better matches between users based on compatibility criteria set by each individual user themselves when registering at DateBritishGuys site. Lastly but most importantly don’t forget agree terms & conditions section because without agreeing these terms nobody would be able access any features provided by this dating platform!.

So there we have it folks: signing up at DateBritishGuys takes less than five minutes tops – talk about time-saving convenience right? It doesn’t cost anything too which means getting started couldn’t get easier than this; plus since everyone has different preferences regarding what kind of person they’re looking for finding love here should come pretty naturally given how much control over one’s own search parameters each user gets while setting up their account.. So why wait? Get registered today!

  • These are the items you will need to register on DateBritishGuys:
  • A valid email address
  • A profile picture
  • A description of yourself
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location
  • Your interests and hobbies

Design & Usability

Ugh, DateBritishGuys. What a mess! The site looks like it was designed by someone who had never seen the internet before and thought they could make something better than what already exists. It’s hard to believe that this is actually a dating website – there’s no way anyone would be attracted to its garish colors or outdated design elements.

The usability of the site isn’t much better either; navigating around feels more like trying to solve an impossible puzzle than anything else. Everything seems so disorganized and confusingly laid out, with important features tucked away in random places where you’d least expect them (or not at all). And if you’re hoping for any UI improvements when upgrading your subscription? Don’t hold your breath – it doesn’t look like those are coming anytime soon!

It almost makes me want to throw my hands up in despair just looking at DateBritishGuys’ home page – talk about eye-sore city! I mean seriously, have they ever heard of color coordination? Or even basic web design principles?! All these different shades of blue clashing together give me such a headache…I can only imagine how bad things must get once you start digging deeper into their interface nightmare. Yikes!!

To top off this abomination called "web design", nothing on here works as intended either; links don’t lead anywhere useful (if they work at all), buttons don’t do what they say…it really does feel like being stuck inside some kind of digital purgatory sometimes while using this thing..ughhh!!! In short: stay far away from DateBritishGuys unless you enjoy frustration-filled browsing sessions without any real payoff afterwards – because that’s exactly what awaits if decide venture down its rabbit hole….


DateBritishGuys is far from being a bargain. While the website claims to be free, you’ll quickly find out that it’s anything but! To get access to all of its features and perks, you’ll need to pay for a subscription – and trust me when I say that they don’t come cheap. Even their most basic plan isn’t exactly competitively priced compared with other dating sites on the market.

The only real benefit of signing up for one of DateBritishGuys’ paid plans is getting more visibility in searches – which could help if your profile has been gathering dust lately! But unless you’re desperate or have money burning a hole in your pocket, there are better options out there than this pricey site.

Plan Price Features
Basic $19.99/month Search, Message, Profile Creation, Photo Uploads
Premium $29.99/month All Basic Features Plus: Advanced Search, See Who Viewed Your Profile, Read Receipts
VIP $49.99/month All Premium Features Plus: Priority Customer Support, Access to Exclusive Events

Similar Sites

Other dating sites that cater to British singles include Match UK, Elite Singles UK, and eHarmony UK. These websites offer a variety of features designed to help users find compatible matches in the United Kingdom.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for British singles looking to find a relationship with someone from the UK.
  • Best for people of any nationality who are interested in dating a Brit.
  • Best for those seeking an international connection and wanting to explore different cultures through romance.


1. Can you delete your DateBritishGuys account?

Yes, you can delete your DateBritishGuys account. But it’s a real hassle to do so – I had to go through several pages of settings before I could finally get rid of my profile. Not cool! It shouldn’t be that difficult for people who want out.

2. How does DateBritishGuys website work?

DateBritishGuys is a dating site that lets you search for British guys to date. It’s not the best way to find someone since it doesn’t have many features and its user base isn’t very large. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using DateBritishGuys if you’re looking for an online dating experience.

3. Does DateBritishGuys have a mobile app?

No, DateBritishGuys doesn’t have a mobile app – which is really annoying. It’s 2020 and it seems like every other dating site has one so I’m not sure why they don’t! Not having an app makes using the website kind of inconvenient.

4. Is DateBritishGuys real?

Yes, DateBritishGuys is real – but it’s not the best option out there. The profiles are often fake and you don’t get much in terms of quality matches. It’s definitely worth exploring other options before settling on this one.

Jon Sinn

Jon Sinn is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. He started his career as a relationship coach and quickly developed into one of the most sought-after experts in the field. With years of experience, Jon understands how to navigate through different types of relationships with ease and offers practical advice that can be applied to any situation. A graduate from The University Of Michigan, Jon was always passionate about understanding human behavior and psychology which led him down this path towards becoming an authority on matters related to dating. His research often takes him around the world where he interviews couples on their experiences within various cultures - giving readers valuable insight into what works best when it comes to finding lasting love across borders or even just locally! In addition, Jon also enjoys writing reviews on popular dating sites/apps so that others may benefit from his expertise before they decide whether or not these platforms are right for them; providing honest feedback based off personal usage as well as customer testimonials collected throughout his travels abroad (which gives unique perspective). What makes him stand out among other “dating gurus” is that he doesn't simply provide generic tips but instead focuses more heavily upon individual cases – something many have found helpful in getting back onto track after failed attempts at romance! Having helped countless individuals achieve success with online matchmaking services since 2008, there's no doubt why Jon Sinn remains one of today's top go-to sources when it comes time make those all important decisions regarding your romantic future!

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