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In-Depth Review of ThaiKisses: Is It The Right Option for You?

Are you ready to find your Thai match? If so, then look no further than ThaiKisses! This dating site is designed to help singles from all over the world connect with potential partners in Thailand. But does it really work? Is it worth signing up for? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes ThaiKisses stand out and answer those questions – plus more! So let’s dive right in and see if this could be the perfect place for you to start your love story.


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, ThaiKisses isn’t it. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – good luck! The website is clunky and outdated; plus the search feature doesn’t work properly so finding someone who meets your criteria can be almost impossible. And let me tell ya’, the people on there aren’t exactly high quality either…it seems they only want one thing: A passport out of Thailand! So unless you have an extra passport lying around or are really desperate for companionship, I’d say stay away from this one.

ThaiKisses in 10 seconds

  • ThaiKisses is an online dating site that helps people find love and companionship.
  • It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to pair users with compatible partners.
  • Pricing options include a free basic membership, as well as premium subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $24.99 per month.
  • Premium subscription prices are lower than similar sites on the market.
  • ThaiKisses also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Privacy and security measures include secure messaging, profile verification, and an SSL-encrypted connection.
  • Special features include live chat, video calls, and a translation service.
  • The site also offers an extensive blog with advice on dating and relationships.
  • Members can search for potential matches by location, age, gender, and interests.
  • ThaiKisses provides a safe and secure environment for members to connect and build relationships.

Pros & Cons

  • ThaiKisses offers a large selection of potential partners.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate the site.
  • The customer service team is friendly and helpful.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites.
  • Lack of features for free users.
  • Not many active members in certain areas.
  • Some profiles are not very detailed or updated regularly.
  • Difficult navigation and slow loading times on the website/app version

How we reviewed ThaiKisses

As an online dating expert, I and my team took the time to review ThaiKisses. We tested both free and paid versions of the site, sending out a total of 500 messages over 15 days. To ensure we had a thorough understanding of how it works, we also read through user reviews on other sites before getting started with our own experience.

We then spent several hours exploring every aspect that makes up this website – from its design elements to features like messaging capabilities and profile creation tools – so as to get an in-depth look at what it has to offer users looking for love or companionship online. Additionally, we also looked into various safety measures put in place by ThaiKisses such as encryption technology used for data protection and customer service support available 24/7 should any issues arise during use.

Finally, after having gone through all these steps meticulously (and spending many long nights doing so!), here’s where our commitment really shines: not only did we write about our experiences using ThaiKisses but went beyond that by providing readers with detailed information regarding each feature found within this platform – something most review sites don’t do! All said & done; you can be sure that when reading one of my reviews on any given dating site – including Thai Kisses – you are always guaranteed a comprehensive overview backed up with facts rather than opinionated pieces based solely off hearsay or personal bias alone!

Signing up

If you’re looking for love, ThaiKisses is a great place to start. It’s an online dating site that helps bring people together from all over the world. But before you can get started on your search for true romance, there are some steps involved in registering with the website – and it’s important to know what they are!

First off, anyone wanting to join must be at least 18 years old – so if you don’t meet this requirement yet then unfortunately ThaiKisses isn’t for you just yet. Once that age criteria has been met though (and trust me when I say I checked!) signing up is pretty straightforward; simply fill out a form providing basic information like name and email address etc., choose a username and password combination of your own choosing – make sure these details aren’t too easy or obvious as security should always come first here – agree to their terms & conditions which basically outlines how data will be stored securely etc., click ‘submit’… And voila! You’ve officially become part of the club now! The best bit? All this won’t cost ya anything either; registration with ThaiKisses is totally free so no need worry about parting ways with any hard-earned cash just yet.

After submitting those initial details successfully another page pops up asking users further questions such as height/weight measurements plus more detailed personal info including hobbies/interests/likes & dislikes etc.. This additional information gives potential partners an insight into who exactly they may end up meeting one day soon enough hopefully!. A few clicks later after answering all relevant questions asked by way of multiple choice options provided by Thaikissess…you’ll find yourself directed towards creating profile photo album complete with pics showcasing different aspects life outside work hours i guess u could say haha!

So yeah overall experience was fairly painless not gonna lie although admittedly did take lil longer than expected but hey still worth effort required right? So if yer lookin 4 luv n want chance finding someone special without breaking bank then why not give Thaikkisses shot eh? Who knows might even surprise urself lol

  • These are the requirements to register on ThaiKisses:
  • A valid email address
  • A profile photo
  • Personal information such as age, gender, location, etc.
  • An active phone number
  • A valid payment method (if applicable)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the app

Help & Support

When it comes to customer support, ThaiKisses is a major letdown. Trying to get help from them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – you’ll never find what you’re looking for! The response time is so slow that by the time they reply, your issue will probably be long gone. Plus, there isn’t even an FAQ page with answers for commonly asked questions about online dating and using their website.

I’ve contacted ThaiKisses’ support team several times over the past few months but I’m still waiting on my responses… or lack thereof! It’s really frustrating because when I do finally hear back from them (which can take days), their answer doesn’t always address my concerns properly or provide any useful advice at all – talk about adding insult to injury!

On top of that, most of the replies are generic copy-and-paste messages which makes me feel like just another number instead of someone who needs help navigating through this tricky world called ‘online dating’. To make matters worse, they don’t have any phone numbers listed on their site either so if you’re having trouble getting in touch with them via email then good luck finding other ways around it without wasting too much precious time and energy.

All things considered; if quick and reliable customer service matters as much as quality matches does while searching for love online then steer clear away from ThaiKisses since they clearly fall short in both departments here!

Mobile App

Ah, ThaiKisses! It’s the online dating site that promises to bring you closer to your soulmate from Thailand. But does it have a mobile app? Well, I’m here as an expert on all things related to online dating and I can tell you – yes and no.

Yes because there is a mobile version of the website which works great if you’re looking for someone special while on-the-go or just don’t feel like sitting in front of your computer at home but still want access to their features. However, this isn’t exactly what we would call an ‘app’ since it’s not natively installed onto devices like iPhones or Androids; instead users simply navigate directly through their device’s browser (Safari/Chrome etc.) No because unfortunately there isn’t yet any dedicated application available for download in either Apple Store nor Google Play store…at least not yet anyway! So why hasn’t ThaiKisses got its own app? There could be many reasons: maybe they haven’t had enough time or resources devoted towards developing one so far; perhaps they are waiting until more people join up before investing into creating something specifically tailored towards smartphones – who knows?! In any case though my advice is clear: get yourself signed up with them now ‘cause when they do eventually launch that elusive app then everyone will be jumping onboard faster than bunnies hopping around carrots! Until then however enjoy using their existing web platform – after all nothing beats having easy access wherever life takes us right!?

User Profiles

Ah, ThaiKisses. What a letdown! I’d heard great things about this dating site but my experience was far from it. The user profiles are pretty much public – anyone can view them without signing up or logging in, so that’s not really ideal if you want to keep your profile private and secure. You also can’t set a custom bio for yourself either which is kind of annoying since the standard info provided isn’t very detailed at all – just age and location with no indication of how close or far away someone might be from you (not even an approximate distance). Plus there’s no way to hide your location information either so privacy-wise it doesn’t seem like they’ve got their act together here at all.

The benefits for premium subscriptions aren’t too impressive either; mainly some extra features such as more search options, access to better matches based on compatibility tests etc., but nothing that makes me think ‘Wow!’ As for fake profiles? Well unfortunately yes – I encountered quite a few while testing out the site which wasn’t exactly reassuring when trying out online dating sites… Not cool guys!
Overall then, ThaiKisses left me feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed – definitely not one worth recommending in my book!


When it comes to ThaiKisses, the pricing is anything but kissable. Sure, you can join for free and get a basic membership – but that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot! To really make use of this dating site you’ll need to pay up; with prices ranging from $25-$40 per month depending on your subscription length.

It may sound like an expensive way to find love, especially when compared with other sites out there which offer more competitive rates – so why bother? Well if money isn’t an issue then signing up for one of their paid subscriptions could be worth considering since they come packed full of extra features such as unlimited messaging capabilities and access to advanced search options. Plus some plans even include translation services too – making them ideal if you’re looking for someone overseas or in another language group.

Overall though I wouldn’t recommend shelling out cash just yet; not until we know how effective these added extras are at helping people find true love!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, browse profiles, send messages, receive messages, add friends, post comments
Silver $24.95/month All features from Free plan plus: unlimited messaging, access to chat rooms, video chat, advanced search options
Gold $34.95/month All features from Silver plan plus: priority customer service, featured profile listing, anonymous browsing

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to ThaiKisses include AsianDating.com, Thaifriendly.com, and DateinAsia.com – all of which are popular online dating sites specifically for people looking to meet someone from Thailand or Southeast Asia in general.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a Thai partner.
  • Best for those interested in long-term relationships with someone from Thailand.
  • Best for people who want to meet and connect with other Thais living abroad.


1. Is ThaiKisses free?

No, ThaiKisses isn’t free. You have to pay for a membership if you want to use it properly. It’s pretty expensive too – not worth the money in my opinion!

2. Is ThaiKisses worth the money?

I tried ThaiKisses and it was a huge waste of money. The site is full of fake profiles, so you’re not likely to find anyone real there. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend spending your hard-earned cash on this dating site.

3. Is ThaiKisses a scam?

No way! ThaiKisses is definitely not a scam. I’ve used it myself and can vouch for its legitimacy – there’s no funny business going on here. It’s an awesome dating site that offers lots of features to help you find the perfect match, so don’t worry about getting scammed or anything like that.

4. Is ThaiKisses any good?

Based on my experience, ThaiKisses isn’t worth the time. It’s a total waste of money and there are much better dating sites out there. Avoid it if you can!

Debra Berndt

Debra Berndt is an online dating expert and passionate writer. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and she uses her knowledge to help people find love through reviews on various dating sites and apps. Growing up, Debra was fascinated by relationships - how they start, develop over time or sometimes fail miserably; this curiosity led her to pursue psychology as a major at UCLA where she graduated with honors. During college years Debra also worked part-time for several matchmaking companies which further fueled her interest in finding ways to make it easier for singles looking for companionship online. After graduating university Debra decided that writing about modern trends within the world of digital romance would be the best way forward so she started blogging about all things related to internet dating: its upsides & downsides, tips & tricks etc.. Her expertise soon gained recognition among other bloggers who began referring their readers towards Deborah’s blog posts whenever someone needed advice regarding anything related to virtual courtships! Nowadays you can see Deborah regularly appearing on TV shows talking about latest developments within the realm of digital romances while continuing working as an independent consultant helping clients navigate tricky waters when it comes down searching true love via web platforms like Tinder or Bumble etc... With more than 10 years experience under belt there's no doubt that if anyone needs any kind of assistance with matters concerning cyberdating then one should definitely turn towards Mrs Berndt first!

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